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How Clean Is Your Office Carpet?

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As the Buckinghamshire workforce look to gradually return to their desks, if you’re a business owner, you should be asking yourself the following question.

When was our office carpet last cleaned?

If your staff are reluctant to step back into the office, then the key to making them feel safe and welcome is a clean environment. The office carpet is the largest area that attracts the most dirt, yet is the one area that is often overlooked. Desks get cleaned, coffee/kitchen areas are wiped down, but the floor is just as it was before the pandemic.

A clean, safe and fresh smelling working environment is key to positive staff moral. Plus if you’re an office that welcomes your clients in, this should be your upmost priority. Remember first impressions count, now more than ever. Here are some basic tips to ensure your office is ready for the workforce this winter:

  1. Implement an Infection Control Plan, if someone falls sick, what are your processes?
  2. Always have a santiser station at the entry point, and check it is always at least half full!
  3. Invest in Professional Cleaning Services, a steam clean is far more effective than a hoover!
  4. Maintain a Cleaning Supply Area that is accessible to all. If staff have easy access to sprays, wipes and gloves there is no excuse to keep their own desk area clean.
  5. Follow recommended guidelines, but most of all think how you would feel as a client entering a building with multiple people. Always put your clients, staff and your own safety above profit.

To book your office carpet clean, drop us a message and we will provide you with a quotation for either a one-off steam clean or a regular clean to keep on top of it, especially now the weather is getting wetter and dirtier!

Call Simply Clean today and bring in The Professional Carpet Cleaners to clean your office carpet in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. After all, we are specialist office cleaners servicing the Chilterns and surrounding areas.

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